A dot-connector with a passion for tech + social impact



Hey! I'm an 18 y/o from Toronto interested in the intersection of technology and business. I'm passionate about building impactful products that people want + creating solutions to problems that people need.

I love learning about emerging technologies and their real-world applications. Combining this curiosity with my ambition to create social impact, I constantly look to intersect the two areas. When I'm not involving myself in tech, I like to learn about financial markets and dabble in investing. I also enjoy going on hikes, playing the drums, and watching football.

Feel free to reach out about anything and everything — always happy to chat!


Me and some friends at PwC in Downtown Toronto


🌎 Currently based in Toronto

📚 Wrapping up my senior year in high school

👨‍💻 Learning web development

🎸 Listening to hip-hop & heavy metal

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