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Hey! I'm Andy, a 16 year old with a passion for innovation

I am super passionate about exponential technologies, and it helps that we are living in the most exciting time in history where technologies and sciences are advancing faster than ever before!

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain are topics I'm super interested in, and am currently researching into. These technologies have the potential to impact the world in unprecedented ways, so I'm working towards being able to utilize them to solve some of the world's biggest problems.

My goal is to impact billions. Unfortunately, there's not a definite blueprint on how to do so. You have to take an unconventional path to achieve unconventional success.

What I do

The Knowledge Society

I'm an innovator at The Knowledge Society, the world's leading human accelerator!

  • Learning about emerging technologies
  • Working on global problems
  • Developing mental models
  • Building authentic relationships

Artificial Intelligence

Learning to apply machine learning algorithms to optimize problem-solving efficiency

  • Learning Tensorflow
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Image Classification
  • Generating Fake Images

Growth Mindset

Working on trying to improve myself everyday. There are always new experiences to learn and reflect on!

  • How can I grow 1% everyday?
  • Philosophies to live by
  • Building my breadth of knowledge


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Image Recognition with Convolutional Neural Networks

Pneumonia Chest X-ray

Pneumonia Classification Model

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September 2019 Newsletter

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Natural Language Processing: How Computers are Starting to Understand Us

Nanosensor on finger

Nanosensors: A Small Step into the Grand Future

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